Former Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Prof Kamil Idris

The life of Kamil Eltayeb Idris, from his birth in Sudan through his time in Geneva, Switzerland certain characteristics traits become evident; a reaching out, a search for the new, the unknown, for the truth and authenticity, and a work ethic which did not allow him to to stop for anything. Even from a young age, Kamil exhibited these characteristics, and they helped him to succeed, literally at every stage of his life.


Becoming the Director General of WIPO on November 1, 1997, was another step on his life’s path, definitely a major one, which reflects and reinforces his search for the new, the unknown and for truth. The achievement of becoming Director General, and his accomplishments while he held that position, most clearly reflect his relentless sense of the value and meaning of work, and of never, ever quitting until the current task is properly finished.

Five Deaths By The Nile book cover

Five Deaths By The Nile

The inspirational and heart warming story of a child labouring nomad from the Nile and his journey to the international stage.

Kamil Idris, a man proud of his nomad ancestry, survived child labouring in a Sudan bottling factory, boyhood journeys to Cairo balanced on the top of trains, later treks to Europe, capture and death threats from the piratical Nile fishermen who thought he was an evil spirit or dijinn and even being stranded in the ferocious heat of the Nubian desert.

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